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The Goode STEM Academy

The Goode STEM Academy, designed in collaboration with STR Partners, embodies the continued commitment of the CPS (Chicago Public School) and the City of Chicago in providing the most modern school facilities and fullest opportunities for students. As part of the City’s Modern Schools Across Chicago Initiative, the Goode school begins with the Urban Model High School prototype design, which emphasizes flexibility, adaptability, and community accessibility—and then lets imagination take flight by organizing the building into three areas: Mind (academic classrooms); Body (physical education); and Spirit (Music, Art, and Library).

The new three-story, 210,000SF achieved the coveted LEED Platinum status through innovative and sensitive response to USBGC goals. To achieve this certification, the design team aggressively gained credits through design and planning in all categories. The team also incorporated in the building and site visible environmental elements for promoting sustainable practices. The 17-acre site also includes an outstanding collection of athletic fields including a softball diamond and tennis courts.


The school is named in honor of Sarah E. Goode, the first African American woman to receive a United States patent. She was a freed slave, an inventor, furniture designer, and a Chicago business owner.

Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy is one of the Newest and Greenest School in Chicago. Check out this article in Sustainable Chicago.

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