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Nia has brought their architectural design and technical expertise to dozens of projects over the past twenty years. The firm has developed an excellent reputation for high-quality projects on residential, mixed-use,  healthcare, and other project types. Over the past six months, we have made a specific effort to bring our marketing and communications up to the same level of our architectural work. This post signifies one of the most significant examples of this effort, our new website.

Over the past couple of months, followers of Nia have seen a new push to improve our social media presence via LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or another social media site. If you haven’t, please begin following us on these via the links at the right or below. This build-up of social media has merely been a small portion of our firm’s marketing and communication improvements, but the most significant to date that is public facing.


Our website is designed to be simple. Friends, clients, and future clients of Nia can very quickly learn more about our projects and our talented team of designers. In the “Work” section of our new website, we are sharing many of our past and future work in a simple, easy to follow format. The “People” portion of the site will share with visitors the robust and diverse team of designers and how their backgrounds are contributing to the quality of work of Nia Architects. Lastly, to provide useful and interesting content with our website visitors, we have also created our new Nia Leadership Blog.

Leadership Blog

This post is the first post of what will come to be Nia’s new Leadership Blog, where we will be sharing different thought leadership articles from Nia team members.  This location of the site is a place for Nia’s experts in Architecture, Urbanism, Construction, and other topics to share their knowledge on particular issues and topics. We expect this content to be an excellent new addition to our already growing presence on social media.

Come Back Soon

We look forward to you regularly checking back in with www.niaarch.com to see what new and exciting content is being generated here and in our “Work” section of the website. If you aren’t already, please “like” or “follow” us at the social media sites at the right or below.


About Author

Brad Riemann, MBA, LEED AP

Brad Riemann, MBA, LEED AP

Marketing Manager / Project Designer

Brad is responsible for the Nia Architect’s marketing while simultaneously designing various architectural projects. Brad has business and marketing experience in real estate, manufacturing, and other industries. This experience, combined with his architecture background, gives him a unique understanding of the juxtaposition of design and return on investment.

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