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Community and Neighborhood Improvement Projects

Nia is committed to improving communities! One of the key ways to strengthen Chicago communities and neighborhoods is by designing great master plans and community buildings.

Community Buildings

Nia has worked with neighborhoods and city organizations to develop neighborhood community buildings. Our design team ensures these facilities enhance neighborhoods through strong function and excellent aesthetics.


Cultural pieces like theaters and other art spaces act as cultural anchors to local neighborhoods. Nia’s team understands this and has experience working with local organizations to develop these cultural anchors in various communities.

Sports Facilities

Various sports facilities often act as major pillars of neighborhoods, cities, and even regions depending on their usage and design. The Nia team has experience working with schools, municipalities, and teams to develop various sports facilities.


Churches and places of worship are often the keystones of many neighborhoods and villages. Nia has worked with various churches and ministries on sanctuaries, communities centers, senior centers, and other spaces that support their congregations.


Nia has a talented, diverse, and devoted team of urbanists, architects, and designers. Our team’s background, combined with our commitment to improving communities, results in masterplans that are designed and developed to achieve our clients’ goals while simultaneously enhancing the surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Community Involvement

We believe no project is successful without input and involvement from those living and using the project and the places around the project. Of course, this is 100 times more relevant when designing neighborhood projects. Nia and our clients have a strong history of working with the local community through all stages of the project from preliminary design and programming through construction.

Nia either designed or was a part of the design team for the Arts and Recreation Center at Ellis Park and the Community Center at Fosco Park.

Nia is the Architect for the new Lillian Marcie Center in Bronzeville on Chicago’s South Side.

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